Helping people reach their 'happy' weight by eating real food...

Slim Brother is Holistic Lifestyle Coach Jody Bunting...

"I used to weigh 31-stone (200 kg, 434 lbs) until I made lifestyle changes in 2001 and halved my body weight, whilst presenting diet and fitness sessions on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast UK TV show (1 million daily viewers).

"When I was at my biggest I remember how hard it was to start eating better and move more. I love to help people improve their lifestyles, and this is why I started Slim Brother. I can help you lose a stone in 30 days, plus you will feel healthier and happier."

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7-stones lost!

Kathryn from Chaddesden lost over 7-stone in a year by NOT cooking, tracking her food intake & getting more active.

3-stones lost!

Steve from Stenson Fields lost 3 stone by walking more and keeping a food diary

2-stones lost!

Pam from Derby lost almost 2-stone in 14-weeks by cutting out foods that caused inflammation in her gut.

2-stones lost!

Marie from Burton lost 2-stones in 2-months eating low carb foods, whilst still enjoying a pint a weekends!

19-stones lost!

Our founder Jody halved his body weight in 3-years by eating more nutritios foods and getting doing more exercise, and has kept it off for over 20-years!

6-stones lost!

Sarah from South Derbyshire lost 6-stones in 7-months by recording her nutrition and increasing her daily steps.

2-stones lost!

Bev from Littleover lost over 2-stones in 8-weeks.

2-stones lost!

Dave from Alvaston lost over a stone in 8-weeks, then went on lose more and toned up! 

Dropped 2 dress sizes!

Anne from Derby lost almost 2-stones and completely changed her body shape in just 8-weeks.

3-stones lost!

Katie from Burton lost 3-stone in 8-weeks, then went on to lose the lot!

2-stones lost!

Ally from Allenton lost over 2-stone in 8-weeks.

YOU - lost 1 stone!

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