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A slimmer from Stenston Fields, Derby, lost over a lb a day on our course!

With the success and popularity of the NHS’ new shakes only diet, I have created my own healthy rapid weight loss plan, but mine…

I personally followed this plan in December last year and lost a pound a day, and I am currently doing the plan again to keep my weight in check.

The Kit includes...

Daily total nutrients (48g protein, 20g carbs & 440 kcals)

Plus the full price kit also includes…

I look forward to helping you lose 30 lbs off in the next 30 days...

To start simply

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Dropped 2 dress sizes!

Anne from Derby lost almost 2-stones and completely changed the shape of her body!

2-stones lost!

Dave from Alvaston lost over a stone on our course, then went on lose more a total of 3, and toned up!  

2-stones lost!

Bev from Littleover lost over 2-stones

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)